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How To Make Your Business Stand Out With Signage

How to make your business stand out with signage

All businesses want to stand out from the crowd to attract more customers and retain brand loyalty so what can you do to improve your signage?

Custom shop signs are a great way to promote your brand and services across a variety of places from store fronts to billboards and vehicle wraps.

As experts in business signage in Melbourne, we are used to taking customers through the whole process from concept to design and production.

How will your business stand out?

There are many ways business signage in Melbourne stands out despite it being such a competitive market.

Branding: What is your colour scheme? What do those colours say about your business? A Thai restaurant could have completely different colour schemes to an accounting firm. What fonts are you using? What message are you trying to portray? Are you professional or fun? Are you affordable or high end? Does your company have a logo? Are you mainly wanting customers to know what services you provide or is your brand that familiar that “we are open here now” is enough?

Standing out: In a major city, business signage in Melbourne that stands out generates leads. Think about a crowded food market with fruit shops and butchers and boutique stores. How do you stand out? What makes you different? Custom shop signs will attract more customers than a tired chalkboard with menu items. If you are on a main street, you need to attract customers and show what your business does. Blending in won’t generate sales leads. It needs to be part of a whole marketing package.

Vehicle wraps: Your business signage in Melbourne doesn’t have to stop at the custom shop signs or advertising boards. Car branding can make your business advertising portable and an appropriate vehicle wrap can make contact details easy to read and find on the car branding. Frequently seeing the same company cars in the same area can also help build loyalty and trust in your brand. If you’re the only plumber or mobile mechanic anyone sees, they are more likely to use your company’s services. Take a look at the benefits of a vehicle advertising wrap.

So while business signage in Melbourne is critical to stand out from the rest and choosing appropriate colours and branding are all important considerations, what do you do if you have no idea where to start?

Proper signage says so much about your business. Your colours, fonts, logos, design of content and calls to action are all important to attracting and retaining customers. We have the experts to help you through the whole process of creating business signage in Melbourne. Here are some design tips for effective outdoor signage.

So, give Accurate Art a call on (03) 9870 6680 to have a chat about how we can grow your business today.

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