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Benefits of a Vehicle Advertising Wrap

Car advertising and branding can say a lot about your business and give you an edge on competitors by generating sales leads.

Think about all the cars, vans and 4WDs you remember that pass you on the road and which ones stand out? Can you name a mobile mechanic? Can you think of a company that mows your lawns and landscapes your garden?

Is an advertising wrap effective?

An advertising wrap for car branding can make your business stand out from the crowd. You probably even notice some workplaces you pass or people who live or work in your street. You remember the colour schemes and logos as they draw attention to a phone number or website. There is a reason so much time is spent designing and planning branding. You can tell me the name of the blue and white bank without even seeing a logo. Or the hardware store in a big green building. Cars are no different. They can be an extension of your business.

What can car advertising give me that other types can’t?

A car advertising wrap can give you the flexibility to highlight what product or business you are marketing in a cost effective way as it drives around town. As plumbers or electricians or pizza delivery cars are always on the road, car branding puts you in the face of thousands of drivers. They can’t change the channel or skip the ad on a website. It gives you the unique opportunity to tell your story while people are sitting in traffic absorbing it. 

Vehicle advertising wrap options

Car branding can be full or partial wraps. They can include text, logos, photos over car, truck or utility body work and windows. Your car branding should represent your business. A plumber, for example, may choose to list the types of jobs they specialise in. Having said that, most people know what plumbers do. So it should be more about making it easy to contact you. Focus on how long you have been in the business and that you are trustworthy and professional by having an appropriate advertising wrap. Make contact details easy to read and find on the car branding. If potential customers have seen your vehicle around their area that begins to build trust and loyalty.

Keep it professional

Along with the appropriate car advertising wrap, there are other things to keep in mind when using your car branding as a marketing tool. Don’t put an advertising wrap on an old battered car. Work with a professional to design your graphics and car branding. Make sure the branding matches your business. A funeral home wouldn’t have fluorescent colours would it? Nor would a party car be bland.

At Accurate Art we pride ourselves in providing you a great service from start to finish. Our vehicle advertising wraps can be full or partial, magnetic and print across windows and bodywork. So give one of our experts a call on (03) 9870 6680 to have a chat about your car branding today.

Contact us today for a free quote on your design and signage solutions.

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