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Design Tips for Effective Outdoor Signage

Great outdoor signage has a multitude of benefits from being one of the first things a potential customer sees to maintaining brand awareness.

Business branding is crucial to make your company stand out from the crowd. We all know which burger shop is coming up on a drive just by seeing a golden M on a sign a kilometre down the road. You know which supermarket is red and which is green before you even head into the shopping centre.

This is all down to business branding and effective outdoor signage.

Know what you stand for

Outdoor signage and business branding should showcase your core message. If you are selling music equipment, your signage might incorporate a piano or guitar whereas if you were making a statement as an accounting firm it might be more about highlighting your reputable name and experience. What are your competitors doing around you? How are you standing out from the crowd? What does your outdoor signage say about your brand? Someone selling coffins wouldn’t have bright and happy colours like a balloon shop would they?

Standing out with outdoor signage

We know a green warehouse with a hammer is a certain brand. We know which pizza chain is blue and red. The best thing you can do when deciding on outdoor signage is to stand out from the crowd. So many shops on a main street or in a complex of department stores have tired and dated signage. It shows something about their brand that if they are too tired to dress up a little for the customer, what sort of effort will they put into serving them? This doesn’t mean your outdoor signage needs to be bright and bold colours and in your face. It’s an extension of your business. I know if I drive past a red building I can get a certain brand of tyre for my car without even seeing the sign. You are selling a message.

Practical outdoor signage

Whether you’re a small business or a large company, you may be using your outdoor signage as business branding, to give contact details for your company, to showcase some products you sell, or even to just show when you are open. Outdoor signage is 24/7 advertising for your business so it should be practical and effective. You may also have limited space to provide such information so make it matter. If you are a pool shop there is some assumed knowledge that you sell pumps and chlorine. So use outdoor signage to showcase your professionalism and how much experience you have in the industry as opposed to “we sell pool testing kits”. Customers trust longevity and experience.

The most important thing is to work with professionals throughout the entire process from concept to branding, design, production and installation. So give an expert at Accurate Art a call today on (03) 9870 6680 to discuss your outdoor signage needs.

Contact us today for a free quote on your design and signage solutions.

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