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How South Australia’s Alcohol Interlock Program Works and Why it Matters

Drink driving is a serious offense that puts lives at risk, and in South Australia, there are strict laws in place to deter drivers from getting behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol. One of the measures implemented to combat drink driving is the Alcohol Interlock Program. This blog will explore what the Alcohol Interlock Program is, how it works and why it matters in reducing the incidence of drink driving on South Australia’s roads.

What is the Alcohol Interlock Program?

The Alcohol Interlock Program is a mandatory requirement for drivers convicted of certain drink driving offenses in South Australia. It involves the installation of an interlock device in the offender’s vehicle, which requires the driver to provide a breath sample before the vehicle can be started. If the device detects any level of alcohol in the driver’s breath, the vehicle will not start.

How does it work?

To participate in the Alcohol Interlock Program, drivers must have an interlock device installed in their vehicle by an approved provider. The device is connected to the vehicle’s ignition system and requires the driver to provide a breath sample each time they attempt to start the vehicle. If the sample is below the legal alcohol limit, the vehicle will start and the driver can begin their journey. However, if the sample exceeds the limit, the vehicle will not start and the device will record the attempt. The device also requires the driver to provide additional breath samples at random intervals while driving to ensure they do not consume alcohol during their journey.

Why does it matter?

The Alcohol Interlock Program is an effective tool in reducing drink driving incidents in South Australia. It not only prevents drivers from starting their vehicle while under the influence of alcohol but also acts as a deterrent for potential offenders. The program also ensures that offenders who participate are closely monitored and must remain sober while driving, significantly reducing the risk of accidents and fatalities on the roads.

In conclusion, the Alcohol Interlock Program is a critical component in South Australia’s efforts to combat drink driving. By requiring offenders to install an interlock device in their vehicle, the program helps prevent drink driving incidents, promotes sober driving behavior and ensures that drivers who have been convicted of drink driving offenses remain safe and responsible on the roads. It is essential for all drivers in South Australia to understand the implications of drink driving and to recognise the significance of the Alcohol Interlock Program in creating a safer road environment for all.

Want to know more?

If you or someone you know has been convicted of a drink driving offense in South Australia, it is essential to understand the implications of the Alcohol Interlock Program. To learn more about the program, including how to participate and approved interlock providers, visit the South Australia Government’s official website or you can consult with one of our legal professionals at Scammell & Co. Email or call us on (08) 8447 4466 to learn more about this important matter. As one of South Australia’s leading legal firms with our origins dating back to 1887, you can trust us to provide you with expert advice.

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